What Is Maps+

Maps+ is a data-as-a-service offering from Esri UK. Created using the best available data sources it is ready to use across the ArcGIS system. Whatsmore as the services are available for use offline and on mobile devices, they can be used in mobile applications such as Field Maps and Collector.

Allow Esri UK to take care of the processing and publishing of the data, giving you more time to spend on analysis and bringing value to your organisation. Whether you are looking at local issues or looking for national trends, apply Maps+ to your visualisation and analysis workflows to go further and maximise context, information, and insights.

How To Get Started Using Maps+

Maps+ datasets can be accessed and share with your organisation in three simple steps. A full guide can be found here. There are also instructions on how to share your services with the public, use the data in ArcGIS Desktop, use the data in ArcGIS Enterprise and how to work with Vector Tile Basemaps.